HVAC Contractor directory in Dallas

Hey gang, just stumbled across this great directory for HVAC in Texas. They are doing some great stuff highlighting Dallas HVAC Contractors.

So I suggest you check them out. It has already given me some great marketing ideas. So get over there, take some notes and go for it. If you can do something like this and still offer great products and services then I think that is just great.

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A great local Air Conditioning Website in Baton Rouge

I’ve just been put onto this site called http://www.batonrougeac.com It’s a great site. One of the things that I like the most about this site is they have integrated a map into each one of the main pages. That way you know exactly where the business is located and can make a buying decision or a contact decision depending


on if they are close to you. It’s always nice to support someone close to home. So if you are looking for heating in Baton Rouge, use these guys.

As far as the staff go they are quite experienced in delivering services. One of the great promises they make which is the mark of a great company in the air conditioning market is they want to assess your current system and environment and then make the best decision from there. This is fantastic that they do this. Unfortunately there are many scam providers in the industry that just want to install their most expensive hvac system. Sure thing – it makes the company a lot of money. But, the person will never use that service again. They will be very upset and they will tell all of their friends about them. It is quite short sighted really. Anyways, go and check these guys out. They’re great!

By the way the Nationwide association for the industry is: https://www.acca.org/

To school yourself up about how airconditioning works, here is a great video:

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